Assalam Alaikum,
Your Quran exam for next week will include:

1. Memorising the above Surahs with their meaning Aya by Aya
a. Sourah Al-Fateha
b. Sourah Al-Qudr
c. Sourah Al-Alaq
d. Surah Al-Teen
e. Ayat Al-Kursi (Surah Al-Bakara verse 255)

2. Tajweed Rules of Noon a sakina and Tanween
a. Izhaar الاظهار
b. Idgham with Ghunna ادغام بغنه
c. Idgham without Ghunna ادغام بغير غنه
d. Al-Iqlab الاقلاب

3. Oral and written Exam:
a. Nourania Method from chapter 1 to end of chapter 9 (Please refer to last year exam sent to you last week for style of exam Perform questions of Aya kursi ,Al fateha p ,Tajweed)

Note: Although your Quran exam will include all 3 above points and will be on 16/11 but your Oral test Which include all sourahs + ayat Al Kursi will be on 23/11 and will not include the Nourania method.