Assalam Alaikum,
Hope you are going to enjoy the holiday and Please try to use the holiday to improve your Quran.

Your Homework during this period is:

1. Daily Recitation half an hour minimum.
2. Revise Tajweed Rules.
3. Revision of what you have memorised in the past half an hour daily.
4. Meaning of what you memorised in the past use Year 2 meaning on the school web site take notes of what you dont understand.
5. Quran revision of what was memorised:
A. Older Students of class-1 Surah الناس to Surah الشرح + Surah الفاتحه
B. Student of Mr Aymen Surah الناس to the Surah you reached with Mrs Rasha last Year Then Surah القدر to Surah الشرح + Surah AlFateha.
C. All students of year 1:
From the Quran write down neatly:-
c1. the Rules of Noon sakina and Tanween Meaning.
c2. What are the letters of each rule.
C3. Where they appear in the text ie before or after.
C4. Give 30 Examples of each rule.

Each day Do 3 examples only of each rule and note the day ie
Monday 9 December 2019.
3 Examples of Izhar
3 Examples of Idgham with Ghunna
3 Examples of Idgham without Ghunna
3 Examples of Ikhfaa
3 Examples of Iqlab
15 example every day No More No less
-Once you revise and studied well Test your self by Performing the attached exam:

Year One Quran exam Nov 2019

Good luck and Have a very Nice useful Break
Parents to monitor their children