Dear parents,

Asalam Alikum. We will start the oral Quran exams from this Saturday 12-Nov- 2022 for F2. Please encourage your child to revise all the surahs below. The written Quran exam will be on the 26-Nov.

HOMEWORK: Revision for Quran exam

Revise the meaning and memorize the following surahs: From surah Al Naas to surah A Nasr, Al Fateha, and Aya A Kursi.

Tajweed rules of Quran: letters of Glorification خ ص ض غ ط ق ظ

Qalqala letters with meaning ق ط ب ج د

A sample of the previous exam is attached to train them in exam time 1.5 hour

F2- Quran-Sami (1)