Question 1 – True or False

1.When you hear the name of the prophet Mohammad, you should say Sala Allah alyahy wasalam or peace and blessing be up on him.

2.Abu Talib is Mohammad`s uncle.

3-Allah is the provider.

4. Al-Shadah means the belief which is one of the five pillars of Islam.

5. Salah is the third pillar of Islam

6. Muslims pray 6 times every day

7.The Key to prayer is cleanliness

8. There was a tribe named Quraish lived in an old city called Makkah.

9. Quraish is the tribe of Prophet Mohammad (May peace be upon him)

10. Mohammad`s grandfather, Abdul Muttalib was the chief of Quraish

11. Abdul Muttalib had five sons

12 .Abdullah married a kind girl from Quraish called Amena Bent Wahab

13. Mohamed means the praised

14. Halima Assadia was the mother of the prophet.

15. Halima Assadia chose prophet Mohammed (SAW) to look after him in the desert