Asalam Alikum

This week we have done exam revision as the next week  7-March  F2 will be having their Arabic exam. And also I have sent  your child some worksheets and exercise class book to help them  study for the exam but please bring them all in next week. Please begin revision the letters and words that we have learned focusing on(س ش ف ق ع غ ط ظ ت ص ض)- how to join letters(B M E)- how to join letters to make words- how to break the words into letters- how to write the letters on the line- the words learned with each letter with their meaning- and pronouncing the letters in Al-Nooraniyah method.

For homework due next week: please complete the following worksheets and bring them in next week:

Letter ص 1     Letter ص 2    Letter ض1      Letter ض 2       Revision ص ض