28th October 2017 _ Arabic _Y3&4

  • Read the new lesson (3rd: فرحةُ العيدِ)  and prepare it to be read at the beginning of next lesson.
  • Revise and Memorize  the new vocabularies in the  lesson with their meanings (English & Arabic) and prepare them for a spelling test. (P22-23)


  • Fill in the missing verb in the following sentences with right form of past tense:
    • أنا فتحْتُ النوافذَ                                                                     أنا ماأغلقْتُ النوافذَ
      • نحنُ  ____ النوافذَ.                                        نحن ما   _____ النوافذَ
      • نحنُ  ______ في العملِ (شرعَ)          نحنُ ما ______ في العملِ(أنهى)
  • Please go through the DVD and do the exercises of (فرحةُ العيدِ).
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