Please check with your child his/her hand writing, must write on the line. Be sure that he/she knows how to write the letters that should be above or under the line such as ع – ق – ل – ش

For the exam

Reading test will be on Sat 26th May on page 48 lesson (ما أجمل الثلج).

Practice on page 60 lesson (ضاعت الكرة) for spelling test. The spelling test will be on the exam day 2nd June.

Memorize the new vocbularies on pages 49, 61 & 75.

Revise the verbs (past & present), the prepositions, Lam Shamseiah & Lam Qamareiah.

Do attached sheet     Mock Arabic test year 2 June 2018

Go through the DVD, listen how to read the parpgraph and do exercises.