Assalam Alaikum,
Your Quran homework for this week will be inshallah the following:

Surah Al-Zalzala الزلزله
1. Listen to shaikh Hussary Al Mualim
2. Read the surah after him from Quran
3. Understand the meaning of the surah from the ANWTS Quran interpretation
4. Write down the Surah 3 times in your Quran Book
5. Memorise the Complete the surah after Shaikh Hussary Al Mualim
6. Write down in your new copy book the rules of Tajweed Aya 1 to Aya 8 for :
Noon Sakina and Tanween
Revision :
Surah التين with meaning
7. Practice sourat Azalzalah to recite with Mrs Rasha.