Asalam Alikum

Notes To the ABWTS Parents
1-I can see that some parents are not coaching their children to listen to shaikh Mahmoud Al-Hussary Al-Mualim
2-Teach your children to Open and listen to the Quran Daily as a Daily Routine
3–It is a Must for Parents to Download the voice of
Shaikh Mahmoud Al-Hussary Al-Mualim
Memorise Aya Al Kursi verse 255 Surak Al-Baquara البقره
only this part of Aya Al Kursi الله لا اله الا هو  الحي القيوم  to له ما في السموات و ما في الارض
by reciting after sheikh Hussary Al-Mualim all week Required to:
1-Memorize the above section  of Aya Al-Kursi  Exactly the same as the Shaikh  recitation ie Pronunciation
2-Listen to the meaning  of the Surah’s and understand the meaning
3-Test your child with the تسميع software
—->Revision  of Previous  Surahs :<~~
Memorisation & Meaning  Listen to Shaikh Hussary al Muallim and  Print the meaning from our web site select Year2
1-Surah Al Fateha
2- Surah Al -Ikhlas
3- surah Al-Falaq
4- surah Al-Nass
Listen or Read the meaning of the Surah’s and understand each Aya from مدرسه الببان Year 2 Quran Interpretation and the software محفظ الوجهين
or Download
The software Tasmee تسميع for meaning Audio
The child can also recite to the Tasmee software and the software will tell him if he is not correct. This is done by the Shaikh by tapping the table.