Asalam Alikum

Please note that F2 will have their Arabic exam on 27-11-2021 next Saturday so please begin revision focusing on:

  1. how to write the letter on the line(starting from the right side)  the letters that the exam will cover م ا ي ك ل هـ ب ث ن 
  2. how to join the letters at the beginning-  middle and the end of the word whether the letter is friendly or unfriendly
  3. the 4 words learned with each letter with their meaning in English
  4. how to separate the words into letters
  5. how to join the letters into words
  6. pronouncing the letters with the Al Nooraniyah method from (ا -ي)

Please do the following worksheets and bring them in next week

ث      ب sheet    ن homework        Page 1

And this will help you with practicing for the exam     Joining up Arabic letters 2              Joining up Arabic letters 1