Assalam Alaykum,
Your Homework for after the midterm will be as follow:

1. If you did not Print the Quran interpretation for year 2 .Please print it
from the web site of : Albayan weekend tutorial school .org.UK
The link was sent to you by email last week.

2. Bring the print out with you Every week.

3 Revision & Interpretation sourhat Al-Fateha, Al-Qadr and Alaqe From the Print out and Understand the interpretation of the surah word by word
and Aya by Aya.

Home work:

New Surah Al-Teen
1. Learn the meaning of surah Al-Teen word by word and each aya .
2. Repeat after shaikh al hussary al mualim when you read the surah.
3. Write down each aya 3 times in your Quran book using the same colours as the book.
4. Memorise the surah after shaikh Al-Hudsary Al-Mualim Please download free the following
1. محفظ الوحيين or
2. Ayat
-You need to select shaikh Hussary Al moualim for Ayat Software
-Listen to each Aya 40 times an repeat after shaikh Hussary by looking at Each aya you memorise
-Connect the 2nd aya you memorise with the 1st aya and repeat them
-Revise daily for 20 min

Please copy this questions to your Homework book and answer them:
1. What is Noon sakina and Tanween means ?
2. what are the letters of Idgham with Ghounna ?
3. What is Idgham with Ghounna means ?
4. What Is Ghounna means ?
5. What are the letters of idgham without Ghounna ?
6. What do we mean by without Ghounna ?
7. Where the letters of idgham appear after noon sakina and tanween Or before the noon sakina and tanween ?

One to one will be keeping with your memorisation and what you are asked to do as usual outside the class.