Look at the Sketch given to you :

understand  the Pronunciation of the following letters ie  where the letters are coming out from your mouth

ب م و


غ. خ

ع ح

ء ه

Elongation letters

ا و ي


Please Go to The Internet

Write on Google Search

Al-Bayan week End Tutorial School.Org.UK

Go to the Selection Bars on the RHS

Select Syllabus

Select Al-Quran Studies

Select Quran.KSU.edu.sa/Ayat / Download for

Mobile or Laptop

Select the Reciter

الشيخ محمود الحصري المعلم

Select Translation or meaning  English or Arabic

Select 1surah Al-Fatiha

Child to Listen Daily 10 times by  repeating after the Shaikh Al-Hussary Al Mualim