Asalam Alikum

Quran homework 1: Quran recitation: Students are advised to download the Quran software below:

For Shaikh Mahmoud Al-Hussary Al-Mualim 1- software مـحفظ الوجـهـيـن:  you can download free for windows 10 from Microsoft shop apple laptop or phone from apple store also available for Android system. You can learn from Shaikh Mahmoud Al-Hussary recite to the software, listen to your recitation, explanation in Arabic or English. Go to the settings and tick the meaning in Arabic or English the number you want the Aya to be repeated etc..

2- Ayat similarly: select Shaikh Hussary Al-Mualim, select the translation the number you want the Aya to be repeated etc.

3- Tasmeea تـسـمـيـع: You can recite the Quran in this software and it will correct your recitation.


Quran homework 2: Al-Fatiha with the meaning of  7 Ayats. Surah Al-Iklas with meaning. Surah Al-Falaq with meaning. Aya Al-Kursi with meaning.

Repeat after Shaikh Hussary Al-Mualim until you read the Quran like him.