Homework: Read and write lesson (فـي الْـمـتـجـر الـكـبـيـر) on page 40 & 41 one into your exercise book ( the whole paragraph).

Reading and spelling test on the whole paragraph.

Memorize the words on page 41 with their meanings.

Do exercises in the book on pages 43, 44 & 45.

Do exercises on DVD.

Grammar Homework:   Do Exercise 4 Page (3) in the grammar book (2). Please find below some translation to the vocabularies in the story


ينشأُ : is created

الفرخُ: chick

البيضةُ : the egg

الطَّائرُ : the bird

دافِئةً : warm

يكبرُ : grows up

مِنقارٌ : Beak