Assalam Alaykum,
Hope you are doing well. Your homework for next week will be:

1. Print from albayan weekend tutorial school . Org .uk from the syllabus interpretation of the Quran Year 2 here is the link

2. Bring the print out with you Every week
Revision & Interpretation
3. Surah Al-ALAQ
Understand the interpretation of the surah Aya 1to 19 words by word
and Aya by Aya
4. Memorise the surah AlAlaq
5 . Learn the meaning of surah
alfateha word by word and aya by aya Including page 2 the meaning of al isteaza and the 2 hadith about Al -Fateha ie page 2 to page 6
Surah AlQadr meaning and Memorise the surah
All Memorisation is done after shaikh al hussary al mualim
Please download free the following
1. محفظ الوحيين or
2. Ayat
-You need to select shaikh Hussary Al moualim for Ayat Software
-Listen to each Aya 40 times an repeat after shaikh Hussary by looking at Each aya you memorise
-Connect the 2nd aya you memorise with the 1st aya and repeat them
-Revise daily for 20 min

Memorise surah Alalaq
6 . Recite of by hear 1:1 suraht ALQader and half of suraht AlAlaq with Mrs Rasha.