11th November 2017 – Qu’ran – Year 2 A


Memorization Revision Recitation
Surat Al Fajr ayah 01 – 30* Surat Al Zalzala** An Naba 31 – 37

*All students required to write the new ayat of surat Al Fajr in the new book of Quran.

**All students required to write surat Al Zalzala in the new book of Quran.

For Quran translation check the school website @ www.al-bayan.org.uk

Rules of Tajweed:

1.  Learn the rule of Idh’har in page 14.

2. Learn the rule of Iqlab in page 15.

You can download Rule of Tajweed book from the following link : Tajweed_Rules (1)


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