Alsalamu Alaykum

As you are aware, Reception A have their test next week. As such, please focus on revision over this week.

key points to focus on

1. the order of the letters in the alphabet

2. how to write the letter on the line

3. what the letters look like at the start of a word

4. recognising the first letter of the words we have learned

some parents brought to my attention that the links on last weeks HW did not work. i will attach them again here. if you find any issues or have any questions about the test, feel free to email me at [email protected]

again just to note that these tests are simply a reflection on what i need to be focusing more on in class and therefore i dont want students to feel too pressured.

PAST PAPER: Nov exam 2017- rec A

November test revision sheet

FOR QURAN: please refer to last weeks HW and revise the surahs attached

Thank you,