Alsalamu Alaykum

as you know Foundation 1 will be having their test next week (16th November).

please do not worry too much about the test, it is simply for me to understand what the class is confident with and what we need to work on.

please complete the following homework: خhomework

the following resources are to aid with revision:

(please do not bring these with you next week. they are for your personal use)

November 2019- exam revision sheet

Nov exam mock 2019

things the students are expected to know:

1. how to write each letter on the line

2. to always start writing from the right-hand side

3. to know the two words learned for each letter

4. to recognize a letter in a word

5. to add the letter to the start of a word

6. to know whether the letter is friendly or unfriendly

any questions or queries please email me at: [email protected]