Alsalamu Alaykum all,

just a reminder that this class has a test on Saturday 17th November

we have been revising in class and going over past exam questions to familiarise everyone with the stye of the test.

please note that although everyone should try their best, the aim of this test is simply to help me understand what we need to concentrate on in class.

The link to this weeks homework:  د   homework 2018

(if your printer is not working or you don’t have access to one during the week, please practice writing the letter)

i am also attaching last years november examination so that you can familiarise yourselves with the style of the test. Please note: You do not need to bring this into class next week! this is simply for you to look through at home over the next two weeks as a form of revision: Nov exam 2017- rec A

additionally, i am  attaching a revision sheet consisting of all the words and letters we have learned so far. again you do not need to bring this into class– it is simply for revision purposes: November test revision sheet 

Thank you,