Alsalamu Alaykum:

thank you for the continuous hard work that has been put in at home regarding the homework and revision. the effect of this is obvious within the confidence and ability of the Foundation 1 students this year which I am repeatedly impressed with.

please complete the following homework:

02.11.19 HW

just as with strong, heavy ط and light twinkly ت, here we have the light and airy ه which opposes the stronger ح   that we learned before half term.

this focus on pronunciation will greatly aid the students in their future progression with the Arabic language.

please note that Foundation 1 will have their test on November 16th so in addition to the worksheet please begin revision on all letters and words we have learned so far.

things to focus on:

  1.  how to write the letter on the line
  2. always start writing on the write
  3. whether the letter is friendly or unfriendly (i.e. if it joins to the letter following it)
  4. the two words learned with each letter and their meaning in English

any questions or queries please email me at [email protected]