Alsalamu Alaykum everyone

this weeks HW:  02.03.19 HW

next week (9th March), this class will be having their arabic exam, testing the knowledge they have learned so far this year.

i have provided you with a few exercises which will come up in the test so you can practice how to answer them. we went through them all already in class so they should be okay: exam revision exercises

if you get stuck at anytime, you can look at any past homework or email me at: [email protected]

things that you should go over this week as revision

  • each letter fromأ to ع
  • what each letter looks like written on the line
  • to be able to recognise which words (as images) start with which letter
  • what the letters look like at the start of a word
  • how to pronounce the letters

5-10 mins of revision every day should be enough inshallah

any questions or worries, i have provided my email

thank you,